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An ever changing selection of handcrafted masks, designed and made in Vermont. 

Although much effort has gone into choosing appropriate fabrics, masks are not medical grade. 

All masks are made with tightly woven cotton with adjustable ear loops and a sewn in metal nose bridge.


Double Layer masks are great for low risk activities, outdoors, or as a cover for a medical grade mask (they fit well over KN95 masks). Triple Layer masks are, rather obviously, made with a third layer sandwiched between the interior and exterior fabrics. Triple Plus masks include a filter pocket.


All fabric is pre-washed and dried before cutting so masks are machine washable. Air drying is recommended, but not required. If you machine dry, you may need to iron to reshape the mask. 

Due to the nature of pandemics, masks are NOT returnable.

However, if you are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch. We want you to be safe AND happy!

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    All masks, every category, in one place.

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    Bright and bold, bursting with joy.

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    Cats, dogs and all things wild, wooly and flighty.

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    Dutch, African, French, Turkish and Asian fabrics.

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